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Curb Bracelet
8 8-5 7-5

925 Sterling Silver Curb Bracelet, Plated with 0.5 Micron 18K Yellow Gold. 

Top Width: 7/32 inches  


925 Sterling Silver Dangle Bracelet Featuring Tree of Life Charms Decorated with CZ Simulated Diamonds

Width: 10 mm.  Height: 14 mm.  

Meaningful Jewelry for Women Girls: Tree of life is a symbol of connection to all things. As a symbol of a fresh start on life, positive energy, good health and a bright future. Tree of life necklace means beauty, health, good luck, and healing.


925 Sterling Silver Elastic Bracelet, Beaded with Red Crystal Glass.

Red Knots Bracelet Red Knots Bracelet
7-8 7-8

925 Sterling Silver Adjustable Thread Bracelet Featuring Ball Beads. Two colors, black and Red.

Eye Red Bracelet Eye Red Bracelet
5-6 6-5-7-5

925 Sterling Silver Ball & Eye Red Bracelet Decorated With Colored Chaquira.


925 Sterling Silver Ball Bracelet

Width: 13/32 inches  

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